Kucoin Review

KuCoin is a novice-friendly platform that is quick to understand with a simple-to-use dashboard. Popular for its low-cost fees, KuCoin offers users feeless deposits and cheap transaction fees.

Our Take

The Bottom Line: Crypto-only trading platform, KuCoin, is a beginner-friendly exchange that makes it easy to get to grips with crypto-trading technology. A simple dashboard with intuitive functionality, the KuCoin platform offers low trading fees and high security. Perhaps most renowned for its comprehensive umbrella of altcoins, KuCoin users can diversify their trades all in one place. Fast and robust, KuCoin is a great place for those looking to trade anonymously, as no verification is required.

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Kucoin has never been hacked.

Kucoin at a glance

Usability 3.5

The interface itself is intuitive, with a modern, sleek finish – making it easy to use for beginners. The dashboard contains a wealth of important trading information, including a ‘Market News’ box in the left-hand corner. All open and stop orders are displayed under the charts, alongside the order history – while the tab to place orders is clear on the right side. In general, the visual aesthetic is a little full overwhelming at first, but becomes simple to manage once you start working with it.

KuCoin doesn’t indulge in many advanced features as it is shaped to be as simple as possible, but it does have a powerful API and is integration-ready for TradingView.

Security 4.5

Users are invited to engage in 2 Factor Authentication upon registering for KuCoin. 

The platform itself has encryption protocols to protect private data, particularly in the data transfer layers – and bank-grade security for assets. There is also an internal risk department in the company dedicated to improving this.

Wallets on the KuCoin platform are safeguarded via multiple scaled security layers, from Amazon Web Service Cloud to physical bank storage.

Having never experienced a hack, KuCoin’s security speaks for itself. Bear in mind though, that KuCoin is still a young platform.

Range of Offerings 4.5

KuCoin offers a peer-to-peer trading platform with one of the biggest ranges of altcoins available on the crypto market. With more than 430 pairs available for trading on the KuCoin platform, the exchange prides itself on providing access to brand new and upcoming tokens and altcoin.

KuCoin offers users the chance to partake in a series of brand new ICOs – often beating other exchanges to the exclusivity.

KuCoin also offers its own coin – KCS. Investing in KCS brings about its own benefits, including free transactions and access to the hottest ICOs ahead of time. Moreover, KCS tokenholders make dividends from the token’s transaction fee profits – with 50% of all transaction fees shared among KCS tokenholders.

Education and Research 3.5

Although the platform is beginner friendly, there isn’t a great deal of education on the website for those who don’t know about trading crypto. While there is a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ this is a walk-through on how to use the functional aspects of the platform rather than how to best trade coins.

There is a Sandbox however, where new trader can practice their exchanges.

Further help can be found in the Support Center on the website. There are a myriad of links to follow which will help to answer questions you may have about KuCoin functionality. You may also seek guidance in the FAQs and blogs.

Customer Service and Help 4.0

There is no telephone help available at KuCoin – all support is accessible through the website. There is live chat support to assist users with on-the-spot queries. This is generally responsive and helpful for smaller issues.

For more difficult technical problems and account questions, you can send a ticket via email. Response times vary but are generally pretty quick – getting back to users in around 48 hours.

Costs 4.5

KuCoin is famous for its low fees – one of the major reasons it has become so popular so quickly. Users can enjoy free deposits and low-cost withdrawals. Withdrawals range per coin but are hardly ever more than 1 USD.

Trading fees are also low, set at 0.1% per transaction. KCS tokenholders can enjoy free transactions as a perk of investing in KuCoin.

What You Need to Know

KuCoin is a novice-friendly platform that is quick to understand with a simple-to-use dashboard. Popular for its low-cost fees, KuCoin offers users feeless deposits and cheap transaction fees. While there aren’t many advanced features for more expert traders, KuCoin has an impressive spread of altcoins. Known for great security and anonymous registration, KuCoin is a fast, cheap, and reliable way for newbie crypto traders to diversify your portfolio. Remember, however, that you won’t be able to purchase crypto with FIAT currency on KuCoin.


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